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A shortish remark on alcoholism (12/11/14 19:35:49)
    Many teenagers have tried it.

    Is it much, any or no good?

    We won't go into that now.

    What we have here is one bright example...

    I though that too quit drinking alcohol is almost as hard as stopping waging a war.
    Or stopping masturbating.

    Until recently a very good acquiantance of mine made me change my mind!

    After the serious abstinence crisis which, according to them, lasts no longer maybe even shorter than one full week (if you are strong enough) you are the new old man again.

    And, what I witnessed myself, being sober they've also got completely immune to being called names and such because now they forgive others their holy ignorance.
    As though they read about it atmirmethod.com/.

    But to top it all up, best of all they say if you still can't live without it (not very likely) still try to drink to your arse rather than your head :)

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A shortish remark on alcoholism