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Re: ęsthetics (05/01/15 04:32:37)
    ideally, the noob won't even notice anything has changed

    mental fatigue down, reading enjoyment up, all a mystery, just so

    like the lightbulbs, my motivation is 99% enlightened self-interest

    I read webpages all day long, all night long, in between taking cat photographs and whatever else there is to do

    therefore, for myself, legibility and presentation of web documents is very important, and moreso, ęsthetics is of highest importance

    also, communists and moonbats and other fellow travelers HATE ęsthetics, therefore one more great reason to insist on their employment, at all times in all places

    hacktheweb in combination with stylish and adblock+ in addition to colorthatsite renders shit websites into legible ones, something that readabliity used to do but it went commercial/crapware

    combine that with professional fonts like Butterick's and one has a real powerful browser once again, able to digest actual information while paring down the cruft, crapule and confusion that most websites suffer from.

    speaking of which, inkscape looks very cool, but their site is terrible, click 2 times to get to gallery and the examples are in .PNG? I thought .SVG was an XHTML standard, that they are, um, promoting... zzz

    thanks for the links, everything and anything like those projects that maximize the information delivery is just what we all need more of.

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come again

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Re: ęsthetics