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silence of the lambs (28/10/13 21:39:30) Reply
    we all are getting old or dead. Could you imagine, how we would react on the NSA thingk ten years ago?

Re: silence of the lambs (28/10/13 22:08:49) Reply
    We know too much now, and many of us have gmail accounts, so we keep silent and keep our thoughts to ourselves. And our children have facebook accounts.

    We thought we knew, but now everybody knows.

    Now finally the deeper meaning dawns on me of "Yes, we can".

    What does Windows report to Microsoft of the security scans of our computers while connected to the internet? Mobile phones and IP phones are insecure - better with the old landlines, I suppose.

    (OT - how do I transfer the contents of an old disk to a fresh one in Linux - do I have to resort to dd from the console? I like physical disks better than disseminated file trees with no specified and simply understood location.)

bah (29/10/13 02:22:05) Reply
    we did notice this all 10 years and more ago

    we noticed when echelon and the UKUSA workarounds were uncovered, where each country had it's UKUSA partners intercept internal traffics, so as to flaunt the laws against spying on their own peoples.

    the doublespeak of google and the rest is all laid bare. "Do no Evil." A hollow, callow lie. It's all in service of their batshit insane quest to become immortal gods when they "Merge" with a cybernetic Artificial General Intelligence.

    the morons are so clouded and stupid they don't realize and genuine intelligence will just laugh at them for all their horrific plans of control & power.

    that is why they must create chimeras of actual intelligences, ones with certain aspects of understanding and reasoning purposefully edited out.

    "Yes, we can."

    a dark ages is upon us. prepare. beware. persevere.


    How to copy a disk the easy way:clonezilla

Re: bah (29/10/13 20:48:58) Reply
    (Cloning a disk full of Windows software into Linux was wasteful in at least two respects. sudo dolphin from a terminal window gave me what I needed. It takes time to get used to the strictness of the permission system.
    Gimme ten years
    and a bucket for the tears

Re: silence of the lambs (01/11/13 14:44:54) Reply
    "old or dead"? Don't count me in.

    I've never been more active fighting against excessive surveillance and similarly dangerous developments than just now: Interviews, panel discussions, speeches, letters to papers, ... about things like data retention, INDECT, SWIFT, NSA/PRISM/XKEYSCORE/MUSCULAR/TEMPORA, you-name-it

    I might be getting old, but I guess the older the more stubborn as well...

I think we were warned. (07/11/13 17:58:03) Reply
    I remember The Register had an article then (replayed today) about giving one's emails to the best search engine in the world.



    Anyway it's good for a laugh.

    I write my secret messages on celluloid.


    or just plain nitrocellulose paper


    "The use of nitrocellulose film for motion pictures led to the requirement for fireproof projection rooms with wall coverings made of asbestos. The US Navy shot a training film for projectionists that included footage of a controlled ignition of a reel of nitrate film, which continued to burn when fully submerged in water. Unlike many other flammable materials, nitrocellulose does not need air to keep burning as the reaction produces oxygen. Once burning, it is extremely difficult to extinguish. Immersing burning film in water may not extinguish it, and could actually increase the amount of smoke produced.[6][7] Owing to public safety precautions, the London Underground forbade transport of movies on its system until well past the introduction of safety film.
    Cinema fires caused by ignition of nitrocellulose film stock were the cause of the 1926 Dromcolliher cinema tragedy in County Limerick in which 48 people died and the 1929 Glen Cinema Disaster in Paisley, Scotland which killed 69 children. Today, nitrate film projection is normally highly regulated and requires extensive precautionary measures including extra projectionist health and safety training. Projectors certified to run nitrate films have many precautions, among them the chambering of the feed and takeup reels in thick metal covers with small slits to allow the film to run through. The projector is modified to accommodate several fire extinguishers with nozzles aimed at the film gate. The extinguishers automatically trigger if a piece of flammable fabric placed near the gate starts to burn. While this triggering would likely damage or destroy a significant portion of the projection components, it would prevent a fire which could cause far greater damage. Projection rooms may be required to have automatic metal covers for the projection windows, preventing the spread of fire to the auditorium."

come again

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