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Botanical foods (31/10/13 20:08:14) Reply
    I was searching for the Shamlegn midden - the 600-meter precipice where the villagers threw their garbage.

    Before taking the dirty and certain way (looking up Kipling's Kim and browsing it) I found news. Like


    phafra was one of the foods. Seems that's the same as buckwheat, which isn't a grain, but a plant related to rhubarb

    and sorrel

    (rumex acetosa)
    which I ate with joy as a child
    and which is a source of soups, for example the Russiand and Ukrainian shav. and other dishes too.

    I had to get old to see that people of great countries had made advanced dishes from my humble childhood pleasure.

Re: Botanical foods (02/11/13 19:50:46) Reply
    The FUD people will of course put up a scare about the oxalic acid of Oxalis species. But how about the cyanide of kassava,
    " Once harvested, bitter cassava must be treated and prepared properly prior to human or animal consumption, while sweet cassava can be used after simple boiling."

    or lathyrism

    But, as jm says in a recent post (not exactly, but closely enough I'd think): Those people are not on the endangered species list of the international mass media.

    In common with the people drinking their moonshine spirits from plastic bags somewhere in the slums of (you name the city - I won't) and dying from methanol poisoning.

    Or the tuberculosis.
    But not now.

Re: Botanical roots (07/11/13 20:50:56) Reply

    what a bunch of cunts.
    banned in my country

    it was a fucking shit song anyway.


    don't get me wrong
    this was their worst hour




    fuck all that homey.

    when are u going to be around?
    Don't make us round you up now, fella.


    Stop playing hard to get.

    Ok, we is mental, but u know?

    we aint dat bad homey.

    Or maybe you would prefer to abstain?

    I can't say as I would blame you.



    how about that eh?

Re: Re: Botanical roots (07/11/13 22:09:23) Reply
    Not only in the UK or DE or wherever you are. Banned or forbidden or blocked in .no too.

    Rhubarb? That's the Big Brother.

    Hah - there was a saying that mandrakes grew from the sperm that was spilled when people were hanged. So the best specimens were to be found under the gallows.


For the background (07/11/13 22:14:22) Reply

come again

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