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The tyrant school (07/06/16 21:24:55) Reply
    Ages ago Fravia posted that he had been cutting branches in the garden. He made no tutorial about it, but I think I will.

    In our tiny garden we have a Forsythia and a Cotoneaster hedge. Both have been neglected for decades with only a bare minimum of pruning, So they are badly malformed with large empty spaces within, and sprawling outside all reasonable borders.

    If I cut them drastically, I have indications that they will never recover. Too little power of regeneration from old stems. So I make a serius attempt at doing it gradually. Here Herodotus comes to mind. He has a story about a wannabe tyrant who was asking a successful tyrant how he could remain in power. He got no direct answer, but as they were talking, they walked along a cornfield, and the successful tyrant systematically broke off all straws that were higher than the others.

    I have a somewhat different approach. I cut down new sprouts down to the first or second pair of leaves. I see that this induces sprouting further down - so a week or so later, I cut further down. By this method I prune away the leadership and let the lower levels develop.

    If I succeed, this could be a model for the techies of regaining power and pushing away the suits. Remove the top and release the potential of the lower ranks.

    But it may be too late - for my hedge and bush, and for society. But don't say I didn't try.

Re: The tyrant school (20/09/16 01:19:44) Reply
    Make sure the cuts are clean, some use wax to stop them from getting fungus or similar problems.
    I remember a method of weaving a hazel bush together to make it stronger... strong enough for bulls etc. But it consisted in beating and bending the longer limbs in order to weave them together, forming a kind of wattle base that eventually grows thicker and stronger. Osage is supposed to be good for that kind of thing too.

    "jack hargreaves out of town" used to be a favourite TV series of mine as a child.
    I cant find the actual episode but I'm pretty sure it was the kind of thing hargreaves would have appreciated.

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Already autumn (23/09/16 20:11:50) Reply
    Thank you. I will take your advice into next growing season.

    Now the Dahlias are past their peak. Soon it will be time for cutting them down and digging up the roots. We shake them free of soil and keep them dry and frost free during the winter. In spring we plant them in pots and take them into the garden when we are sure there will be no more frost. We've had them for decades - a bequest after my long deceased mother-in-law. And the Begonias are still flowering, but more wearily.

    This month I have handed in my resignation. From next year I will be a pensioner. I will be paying my annual maintenance fee to one.com the coming years, so you can expect to be able to find the place if ever you go looking.

    So this isn't a goodbye.

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