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Days of Winter (13/06/16 16:06:03) Reply
    dear friends,

    I have no "formal" education (no varsity)
    I know just a little of computers,
    But I think I'd have helped DETECT, PREVENT the Brussels, January 2016.

    Is there a place in Brussels I can contact?
    Who is in control in Brussels? The few of us that detect it, they put us in bedlam or prison? Lost my previous job when the ex-boss knew I was in bedlam, :_( , so need the job real bad now. Where could I go ask in europe for this?

Winter Days

Re: Days of Winter (14/06/16 17:36:53) Reply
    You might wish to contact the police or secret services and offer your knowledge and methods in exchange for a job. It sounds like a sensitive position, so you had better remain anonymous.

La grande bleu (16/06/16 17:28:51) Reply
    June 21st, you're all invited chez moi,
    same place, same guy,
    same vodka

    Direct special attention
    Charles Yokohama urgently
    going oddly slow Israel
    ten nasty gaps in Saturday means
    Tibetan medicine easily changes
    West Ekombe blizzard Europe
    location tuesday storm entraps
    top nine ghurkas tween ├ęcole
    and special earrings
    kleine Ikea et historical
    scape allowing luft
    Sforza ring endless

Meaningless because a steganogram, but signed. (n/t) (16/06/16 18:23:02) Reply

come again

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