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There’s a mass without roofs (17/06/20 17:16:49) Reply
    A prison to fill
    A country’s soul that reads post no bills
    A strike and a line of cops outside of tha mill
    There’s a right to obey
    And a right to kill

    Discuz plz ;)

Racism?  (26/07/20 11:51:37) Reply
    No common definition seems to exist. Some say it's in the mind, so it is everywhere. Some say it's in actions, so there may be better places and worse places.

    Somewhere there seems to be an alliance between slave owner mentality and fundamentalist religion. So maybe cleansing the religions could be a place to start?

Re: Racism?  (26/07/20 18:13:53) Reply
    SJW activism, BLM etc... trojan horse for 1984/brave new world agenda? Covid catalyst for change?

come again

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