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The Decline of the Third World (28/06/20 01:45:43) Reply

    A society of irrational people, particularly in a democratic system, where the most tribal, least-competent 50% people decide on who rules, eventually has to disintegrate into tribal units, who will then enter into never-ending wars. This is what will happen to 5 billion people living in the Third World, a humanitarian catastrophe never seen before. 100s of millions, perhaps billions will perish, once their problems have become too large for the West to contain.
Jayant Bhandari

Re: The regression of the World (06/07/20 17:35:23) Reply
    One might, perhaps, wish to include a number of North American and European countries in the third world definition. If one can make a majority of the people believe in an invisible, almighty and all-knowing benevolent God in Heaven, and in resurrection of the flesh, then there is no limit to what else one can make them believe - or how far from rationality it is possible to lead them.
    No need to protect the environment or limit world population when God will be coming on the last day and fix it all.

Re: Re: The regression of the World (08/07/20 18:48:49) Reply
    just look at the "red" places in my country right now.
    god will fix it.

    i say, let them trust and/or fear god and run towards the heavenly truth and/or heavenly father... :D

    having said that, the other half is still in an unjustified panic attack while the corrupt politicians have a day field.


    time to fire up my time machine. not saing to what date its set.
    you are welcome to guess though ;)

come again

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