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Marching bands (17/05/21 08:51:00) Reply
    Today is the national celebration day of my home country. The pandemic has put restraints on the celebrations, but they have been loosened somewhat.

    In this country all primary schools of some size have their own marching band


    with brass, woodwind and drums. Typically they are financed by flea markets and lotteries to pay for instruments and uniforms. The tradition has been a parade in the city centre -or locally in rural areas.

    A few minutes ago one of the neighborhood boys - a boy with Down's syndrome - came passing with his mother -carrying his instrument,a tuba. So there is a place for everybody - but at a cost.

    I think the inclusiveness of marching bands is important. Teaching tolerance and collaboration from an early age.

Re: Marching bands (22/05/21 20:24:16) Reply
    Interesting, that is an angle(inclusiveness) that I haven't thought about regarding events. Over here (rural southern Europe) we have marching bands but normally composed of professional performers.

    Before the pandemic, there used to be rural summer parties bringing together folks living abroad and the local communities, let's see what happens this year...


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