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Moving from brainwashing victim to awareness (02/04/22 10:29:00) Reply
    It is a long process. The thread may become a long one. Critics invited!

Re: Moving from brainwashing victim to awareness (05/04/22 04:19:08) Reply
    I think everyone has been brainwashed, happens early with the people who raise us. The people who we trusted the most. Not their fault, the same happened to them. Some people are luckier than most, their parents or mentors created a spark of critical thinking which maybe created a fire of warmth against the blizzard reality some entities would foist upon us all.

Brainwashing and gaslighting (06/04/22 07:42:51) Reply
    I agree. Nobody should take blame for being born into one particular religious or political system. But how do they participate in maintaining the system? How are dissidents treated?

    If two dissidents come together, they become relatively resistant against brainwashing and gaslighting. Those techniques do not work so well if another person can reassure the victim that the system is the mad one or wrong one or indecent one.

    But facts must be the foundation, or facts-based reasoning. This is where the religions and the tyrants fail.


Re: Brainwashing and gaslighting (06/04/22 08:30:50) Reply
    just reminding you of the princess alice experiment.

    also, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asch_conformity_experiments

    just one of many experiments worth mentioning.

    the results are interesting.
    for example, we might say that any elections that end with more than 3/4 of the voters voting for the same party/candidate is surely rigged and heavily influenced in some way.
    not necessarily by force though.
    manipulation ha many faces.

Thanks. (06/04/22 09:09:04) Reply
    From the article: One person was enough to keep the test persons from giving the wrong answer.

One voice of dissent may be enough (06/04/22 17:46:52) Reply
    But there are plenty of dissenting idiots out there. The anti-vaxxers who are now resurrected as Russia specialists and wartime policy advisors are one group of them.

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