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The hidden Belarus anti-war non-campaign (25/04/22 12:23:33) Reply
    Deniability would have been nice. We need names of those railway people who retarded the Russian campaign direction Kyiv.

    Medals are waiting - e's DG Memorial Medal</> (not yet designed)

Low-risk anti-war efforts: a reminder (26/04/22 08:26:36) Reply
    Those of us who are lucky enough to be outside of the focus area: there is little we can do as individuals. Even the cost of single or a few entry-level anti-tank weapons or artillery grenades are too much for private economies.

    We have seen these last two months criminal state behaviour way beyond the fantasy or belief of most people. Those of us who have read some history of the Soviet Union, and of the recent city destructions in Caucasus and Syria, may have predicted correctly - but even then it was impossible to really believe it would happen once more on the European continent.

    So the time for fussing or fighting about trifles must be over for a long time.

    The lowered availability of fertiliser will - I fear - lead to famine next year. Egypt seems to be in trouble. But not only.

    It is a reminder that the increased capacity for food production pioneered by Kristian Birkeland & Sam Eyde has been used up by population increase. All countries are now full - so emigration to escape from starvation is not an option any more.

The hidden Kazakhstani anti-war non-campaigns (29/04/22 17:45:37) Reply

    "The invasion of Ukraine has prompted many people in Kazakhstan to question the country’s membership of the CSTO and the Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU), which are seen as constraining Kazakhstan’s sovereignty and weakening the economy. Critics say the EaEU copies the EU’s institutional framework, but is more about geopolitical power than trade liberalisation, with Moscow the dominant partner. With Russia and Belarus now under international sanctions and the other two members – Armenia and Kyrgyzstan – being small and debt-ridden economies, Kazakhstan is the only open and dynamic economy in what is seen as an increasingly dysfunctional group.

    Business and civil society activists are calling to suspend Kazakhstan’s membership of the EaEU. Demands to hold a referendum on membership of CSTO and EaEU are also gathering momentum.

    While leaving the EaEU is not a viable option yet, many are calling on Tokayev to play a far more assertive role and prepare the ground for Kazakhstan’s gradual withdrawal by pointing to how Russia’s aggression violates the basic principles of the alliance, such as mutually beneficial cooperation, equal rights and safeguarding the national interests of all members."

    "After much prevarication, Timur Suleimenov, the deputy chief of the Kazakhstani presidential office, made a categorical statement on April 1 assuring that Kazakhstan will not help Russia evade sanctions, emphasising Kazakhstan’s obligation to the international community. He also stated that Kazakhstan does not recognise Crimea as part of Russia nor the independence of Donbas. Upholding Kazakhstan’s membership of economic and military unions led by Russia, he clarified that the terms of its membership of the EaEU and CSTO do not extend to the case of Ukraine."

    "In the Russian imperial imagination, the northeastern regions of Kazakhstan, which border Russia and have sizeable Russian populations, are Russian lands given away to Kazakhstan in the spirit of fraternal help.

    Russian nationalist deputy, Gennady Zyuganov, has also repeated old, unsubstantiated allegations that Kazakhstan was producing biological weapons with US finance, a charge that the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, repeated at a lecture at MGIMO university in Moscow on March 25.

    Kazakhstan has built a solid reputation as the second-strongest economy in Eurasia after Russia and as the most stable, modernising and reform-oriented country in Eurasia. But the “New Kazakhstan” promised by Tokayev now finds itself out of sync with Putin’s Russia."


Signs of in-fighting (01/05/22 11:00:43) Reply
    According to a source Buryat soldiers and Kadyrov bandits have been shooting at each other. The Buryats were placed at the very front, contrary to promises, and the Kadyrovists were placed behind them to ensure that they did not shy away from getting killed by the Ukrainians.

    So - who are they?


    "Historically, the territories around Lake Baikal belonged to Mongolia


    The territory and people were formally annexed to the Russian state by treaties in 1689 and 1727, when the territories on both the sides of Lake Baikal were separated from Mongolia. Consolidation of modern Buryat tribes and groups took place under the conditions of the Russian state.

    The Buryats located in Siberia are still largely focused on raising livestock due to the shortness of the growing season. They focus on the raising of dairy cattle and the growing of berries to sustain most of their diet. There are also some communities that farm various types of trees and cash crops such as wheat and rye.[32] On the slopes of the Sayan and Altai Mountains, there are communities whose way of life is breeding reindeer.


    So - not Russian, and living in territory stolen by Russia. Colonialism at its worst.

come again

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