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Physical truths and majority opinions (15/05/22 08:59:29)
    I may have mentioned it before: In my first year at school a specially tyrannic (and even violent) teacher in some minor decision wanted to go with the majority (we were seven years old), and I thought to myself: Why don't we do what is best?

    Two elements to ponder: Ken Moorhouse commenting on a TheRegister aericle about fully automated networks (AI).

    "Repeat it often enough and it will become the norm.

    If everything ever recorded throughout history is the truth then AI might arguably stand a chance of converging on reality. But this is not the case. Anyone that says that Black is White, or 2 + 2 = 5, distorts that convergence.


    While traversing that erroneous trail, statistics will reinforce that error as truth "

    and, a few days ago:

    "Vladimir Putin is more dangerous than Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, the Polish prime minister has warned, while calling for the destruction of the Russian president’s “monstrous ideology”.

    Poland’s leader Mateusz Morawiecki called for “de-Putinisation” in an article in The Telegraph. He said Mr Putin’s dangeruous ideology is bolstered by “deadlier weapons” at his disposal and new media at his fingertips to spread his propaganda.

    “Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin. Unfortunately, he is more dangerous,” he wrote. “Not so long ago, Poland engaged in an information war with Russia over the genesis of the Second World War. We won; but Putin achieved his goals. He infected the internet with millions of instances of fake news.”"



    Putin has been feeding the vanity of the masses. It will take a long time to correct, if ever possible.

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Physical truths and majority opinions