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Re: 'cos I feel I do owe this... (21/08/13 21:51:27)
    i wish i'd..... never, ever, engaged myself in here, i mean if i hadn't, now i wouldn't feel "morally" obliged to anybody here any apologies or anything, call me deprived :)

    i haven't, didn't read much Bloch myself (lucky you, btw, else you'd'v probably had yet another set/string of robotic mumblings here :) nor Marx himself in fact but, and i want/have to make it completely clear now, regardless of whether real marxizm ever has anything to do with all this or not and whether i'm barking at the wrong tree (i do hope so! btw), if religion(s) and faith it-self are not discerned/discriminated in there then i'm not and never been one, thanks (marxist that is) .

    so.. "simple"..

    i *like* i do to think for myself it was out of.. humanism, or something, that i got there, no selfishness any kind included, but..

    worse, for me, is yet to come, still,

    at some point here i even dared tell, yea, "god" "what to do."

    heck, i even dared what "he" can/'t do.

    so, again, to make it clear - i, even as marxist, can't be sure, can't (dis)prove, to say the least, that something couldn't originate even "out of thin air" (although i'd tried to dodge it "verbally" at the time);
    abruptly, if they "can" (dis)prove "the last things" with *certainty*, i'm not one of them (marxists)

    no atonement intended..

    even if it never happens to me, specifically..


    come what may


    we are still...





    for "normal creatures" here, a fragment of the line from yea Kapital- go your own way... :)

    for "nuts" if any - don't catch at this, real thing may be even scarier :)
poor me, almost a convertit, *almost*

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come again

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Re: 'cos I feel I do owe this...