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Re: what do you think? (17/10/13 22:29:33)

    the word "playing" could have many interpretations:
    - having fun,
    - reproducing/repeating, like a musical piece, a ritual, or like a drama
    - challenging
    - gambling

    the "world" actually is not an easy opponent. it has power, size, time, space, and good availability of things to bet. I woud not challenge it hoping to win. And if so, what am I betting? what is the prize if i win, and what is the loss if i lose?

    And for which reason a single man should dare to challenge the rest of humanity? For arrogance? Pride? Why is that game so important? Do the rest of the people in the world know of the game? should they care?

    simple concepts.... many possible interpretations...
    nice source of thoughts
    ah, philosophy!

    I remember the 1957 movie "the seventh seal" by Ingmar Bergman.


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Re: what do you think?