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splendid (17/06/14 23:27:26)
    quite a virtuoso performance, not an horrible recording either, down to the schoeps mics & decent placement I'd wager.

    another thing we share with +F, a love of the baroque.

    I'm starting to love Corelli more and more over these past few years, along with Couperin.

    Here are some random links:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMR437sA4kk - one of the best recordings I own, period, get the sacd & rip it via playstation.



    Fortunately youtube is filled with years worth of full albums of baroque music:





    there is also a wonderful world of icecast streams still extant:

    http://amp2.cesnet.cz:8000/cro-d-dur-256.ogg - Cro D-Dur Live high bitrate Ogg stream

    the Japanese 24 hour streaming Allways Baroque! server ended some time last year. a shame really - they had excellent variety, played whole musical compositions, as opposed to most classical streams which randomly play each movement as a separate track, due to lazy ripping by reets & have insufferable commercials.

    this is where they lived:


    perhaps, one day they will return.

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