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The tyrant school (07/06/16 21:24:55)
    Ages ago Fravia posted that he had been cutting branches in the garden. He made no tutorial about it, but I think I will.

    In our tiny garden we have a Forsythia and a Cotoneaster hedge. Both have been neglected for decades with only a bare minimum of pruning, So they are badly malformed with large empty spaces within, and sprawling outside all reasonable borders.

    If I cut them drastically, I have indications that they will never recover. Too little power of regeneration from old stems. So I make a serius attempt at doing it gradually. Here Herodotus comes to mind. He has a story about a wannabe tyrant who was asking a successful tyrant how he could remain in power. He got no direct answer, but as they were talking, they walked along a cornfield, and the successful tyrant systematically broke off all straws that were higher than the others.

    I have a somewhat different approach. I cut down new sprouts down to the first or second pair of leaves. I see that this induces sprouting further down - so a week or so later, I cut further down. By this method I prune away the leadership and let the lower levels develop.

    If I succeed, this could be a model for the techies of regaining power and pushing away the suits. Remove the top and release the potential of the lower ranks.

    But it may be too late - for my hedge and bush, and for society. But don't say I didn't try.

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