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Entangled (27/12/17 11:50:53)
    The economics of industrial production of consumer goods is far beyond my understanding. Some of it relates to the fact that the future cannot be predicted reliably. Some of it relates to the fact that industrial production needs to be done in batches. Producing too little will limit profit and frustrate customers. producing too much means that the surplus needs to be destroyed. Otherwise it will inhibit all further business - with the manufacturer as well as for the wholesaler and the retailer - and lead to loss of jobs or even bankruptcy.

    So one task is limiting the environmental impact.

    The good old-fashioned products that never were worn out - their time is over. They were designed for simplistic production methods and with copious use of material - so they were wasteful, but in a different way.

    It will never be right. So there must be a continuous and complex set of processes that improve the sustainability. The customer may exert some power by buying the right products.

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