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Re: CoVid - 19 (17/03/20 04:00:25)

    I came back to this site after 12 years, to look for some 'truth' back in January with disbelief with what I was seeing/being told was happening in china and what everyone else was doing. (nothing) (Canada, US)

    Like to discuss... it seems information is staggered (4-6 weeks) to reduce panic, and then as the cases grow and people became acclimated the information is msm

    Will get links but, I believe the gist is transmission (without symptoms) up to 28 days.
    I know that the case in Vancouver which caused the MSM reported first-second and third death was spread (possibly) by a worker who I believe was suspected case, and put into quarantine for 14 days then released to work there.

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Re: CoVid - 19