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oh dear (17/03/20 05:37:07)
    did you read the 2200+ threads on /pol? Did you read the emcrit.org link? Or did you just speedread down to some buzzword to use the engineered phrase "conspiracy theory" a non argument that qualifies as an oldie if it were a pop song. did you even read any of the raw data links? must everything be digested for you first, mediated to your mind in official sized bites by official types? I can tell you'll love the metokur streams. I'm rewatching them myself, actually.

    I imagine one might, if they were looking deeply into your lovely eyes, be able to see your consciousness blink off like a buzzing fluorescent "bzzzzzt!" as you encounter something inoffiziell. I don't know if it's your dear deutcher nature or instilled by politic nurture. The problem with the Wissenschaftsbeamter types round your parts are such luminaries as herr doktor Helmut Kentler - top men. Your country is doing almost as badly a job as mine, which is quite a feat. The outcome is already sub-optimal.

    Dear GS, discussion wasn't my motivation either. Sharing data, sorted and unsorted, with dear friends is what motivated me. I'm relatively safe and sound, have been for 7 weeks ever since they started mass cremations in wuhan in secret. If I am wrong in my assessment, I'll have a few months of food I'll eat anyway, and I've missed sitting in a cafe or a museum and some travel I'll happily admit to being a chicken little.

    Oh GS, I do hope you're out of the urban center and far away innawoods in a chateau with your love and 3 months of food and a way to have clean water when the power fails. That goes for the rest of our dear friends here. It's not just the virus, mind you, it's the millions of irrational people who are suddenly without routine, or food or drink, some of whom already set cars on fire in the best of times, on hair trigger or just for kicks. Best of luck with scientific discussion with people like dunning and kruger here: https://twitter.com/AlArabiya_Eng/status/1234000549151940608


    be excellent to each other


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