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Spreading (17/03/20 07:07:15)
    I think we see a difficult mix of splendid basic scientific facts from Chinese sources and a good deal of unverifiable and disturbing anecdotes that need to be taken into account if there is hope of making a sustainable policy.
    I think there will be a lot to learn from the different national policies, specially with regard to schools being open (UK, Sweden) or closed (Germany, Norway). Open schools will accelerate spread among the youngest part of the population, but may cause a very high peak prevalence of infection.

    Examples have shown that it is possible to trace routes of infection in almost real time by picking up active cases. The means are not OK - they have serious potential for abuse.

    But I believe there are examples that there are dormant reservoirs of virus - on surfaces, frozen foods or fabrics. If so, it will be impossible to eradicate it, no matter how strict measures are taken in society.

    In the struggle against COVID-19 there are millions of unseen sufferers and unsung heroes. I hope this will have a political impact reversing some of the disgusting developments of the last decade or four.

    But it isn't science.

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