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Exposing fake meritocracies (17/03/20 10:48:42)
    Our national institute of health, our directorate of health, our ministry of health have - together - been a cesspool of indecision, vague advice and reluctance against taking responsibility. At the face of it this would be surprising, looking at academic merit and academic titles of those people, and their placement in the hierarchy. One would think that the positions at this level would be merit based. And they are. All the right boxes have been ticked. But the reality? hey have been doing the profitable work. The low-hanging fruit, doing the things that just work. In my opinion we would need stronger influence from the people who have made the system just work. Giving orders and taking the praise isn't real merit when real work and real thinking needs to be done.

    In Norway nothing really happened until the head of Bergen municipality closed institutions on his home turf, quoting his own experts at his province university. Only then the capital followed up, and only then the government found it safe to act. And even then they did not follow their own rules, so quite a few of them are now in quarantaine. Deeply embarrassing, I'd say, but probably not embarrassing enough.

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Exposing fake meritocracies