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Re: wishingWell (17/03/20 21:12:27)
    nitpicking some minor discrepancies from an off the cuff warning to a mongolian basket weaving forum from 56 days ago, that correctly predicted: italy infection, official channels silent and then downplaying for months until it becomes too obvious to keep lying, the brazil infection, ( just stating to reveal now ) airline and hotel stocks crashing, china falsely claiming all is well now, ( when cities are going back to lockdown now ) the usa west coast homeless infection, ( just starting to reveal now ) and the date of the market crash, not february but march.

    But sure, throw it all out because an anonymous person on an anime imageboard who was only trying to warn people didn't get into exactingly correct detail about the italian response 2 whole months before now. Nevermind, that the italians themselves had no fucking idea about the shit italian response until 2 weeks ago, and they are still reeling and trying to warn the rest of the world to not make their mistakes. But yeah judge a book by it's cover and discard correct predictions because you don't approve of their career choice. Yeah that's logical.

    I'm saddened at lack of reciprocal concern and expression of friendship here among friends.

    wishing you all well


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Re: wishingWell