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Re: What would a designer genocidal virus be like? (18/03/20 18:33:51)
    so a virus that does not kill too quickly or too many, has silent spreading for a month, which hospitalizes 20% of inflicted, leaves survivors with permanently reduced lung function, prone to re-infection and sudden death from heart failure, respiratory failure from brainstem rot, and possible male sterility from ace2 binding in testes and may require life-long treatment from antiviral drugs to prevent re-infection ( you could look all those up ) and it sounds like covid-19 couldn't be a weapon?

    And because you can't imagine how or why someone else might make it, it cannot exist?

    "a poorly thought-out crime" from the inheritors of Mao or Dulles bros or...?

    Who could imagine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svdrAHn_LGo "It's a real scene man."



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Re: What would a designer genocidal virus be like?