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Maybe.  (14/11/20 19:11:59)
    "... the physical structure of the universe, as seen by Maimonides. The world-view asserted in the work is essentially Aristotelian, with a spherical earth in the centre, surrounded by concentric Heavenly Spheres. " (Wikipedia)

    Spinoza made a living from grinding lenses,

    "Huygens studied spherical lenses from a theoretical point of view in 1652–3, obtaining results that remained unpublished until Isaac Barrow (1669). His aim was to understand telescopes.[37] He began grinding his own lenses in 1655, collaborating with his brother Constantijn.[38] He designed in 1662 what is now called the Huygenian eyepiece, with two lenses, as a telescope ocular.[39][40] Lenses were also a common interest through which Huygens could meet socially in the 1660s with Baruch Spinoza, who ground them professionally. They had rather different outlooks on science, Spinoza being the more committed Cartesian, and some of their discussion survives in correspondence.[41] He encountered the work of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, another lens grinder, in the field of microscopy which interested his father."

    So Spinoza had a scientific background together with his background as a Jewish scholar. I think it shows. In my interpretation he made a pioneer effort in looking at Jewish scripture through his knowledge of logic and natural laws - and the old scriptures failed. So he was excommunicated - and remains so AFAIK.

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