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Re: Tangential (02/12/20 22:18:16)
    I think it is much a question of attitudes. But I also believe the times we live(d) in should be commented on in more detail. There was a time when it was acutely dangerous to give any utterance of doubt about the existence of a deity as described in the scriptures. In some countries it still is - and there is a large country in North America where such doubts seem to be severely career limiting for some professions - not only theologists. I have seen evidence that this applied to Spinoza; I do not know about Maimonides. AFAIK Aristoteles was far less controversial than telescopes.

    Attitudes: To me the old philosophies are boring, and I consider most if not all a waste of my time. Philosophy, IMO, to be useful for today, needs to be rewritten to accomodate current scientific knowledge. Satellites passing the outer planets are incompatible with the world view given us in church ceilings, where fat little angels are looking down at us, partly hidden by clouds, just made visible by the artist.

    In these days we have religious people who do not take precautions against the Covid infection because they believe their deity decides whether they will live or die, and that precautions therefore are unnecessary.

    There is some historical precedent

    "In spite of their differences, Ibn Khaldun continued to correspond with Ibn al-Khatib, and several of these letters are cited in his Autobiography. He also tried to save his friend when, largely as a result of court intrigue, Ibn al-Khatib was brought to trial, accused of heresy for contradicting the ‘ulama, the religious authorities, by insisting that the plague was a communicable disease. His situation can be compared with that of Galileo nearly three centuries later, but with a less happy outcome: Ibn al-Khatib was strangled in prison at Fez in the late spring of 1375."


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