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Men (21/12/21 17:45:18)
    The death and disease of the pandemic have been unevenly distributed in our population. Roughly, immigrants and second-generation descendants have been more heavily hit than natives. This is related to not keeping distance,but also to resistance against vaccination - for religious or trivial reasons. Our more pious local christians are in the same category.

    The other day there was a study published on findings of Pakistani, and, IIRC, Somali, family men in their thirties after having received intensive care in order to survive Covid. PTSD -post-traumatic stress disorder was frighteningly common and more common than in other groups.

    These men were well-adjusted, seemingly well-integrated, fluent in the local language, andhard-working breadwinners with full control of the economic and practical sides of the family life. The wife, typically, had no education, no work, and no money. So when the husband was in intensive care, he could not have control. When he returned to the family, others would have had to gain insight in the economy and take control.

    To me it seems that the upbringing demanded that they run the family as a male dictatorship, apatriarchy: benevolent for sure, but entirely dependent on the breadwinning man. No place or room for the wife or children or mother to have any say in those family matters. So after the disease had hit, and when he returned to the family, he was not The Boss any more.The family had made it without him. A huge degradation of status, surely enough to be a soul-rocking trauma.

    In my opinion this calls for a complete rethink of the aims of social work towards families from patriarchy-dominated countries. More social workers should be men, and much more work should be put into teaching men about the honours and pleasures of sharing power and work and responsibilities with women.

    It's a cultural thing. Religions I know are strongly against it. So making corrections will take time.

    The only effective way, I think, would be by example. But for examples to work we need two-way tolerance.

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