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Déja-vu (09/01/22 19:10:42)
    I had a lookup the other day in The Rise And Fall of The Third Reich - for a more accessible reference: Wikipedia: Munich agreement

    "Most of Europe celebrated the Munich agreement, which was presented as a way to prevent a major war on the continent. The four powers agreed to the annexation of the Czechoslovak borderland areas named the Sudetenland, where more than 3 million people, mainly ethnic Germans, lived. Adolf Hitler announced it was his last territorial claim in Europe.

    Germany had started a low-intensity undeclared war on Czechoslovakia on 17 September 1938. In reaction, the United Kingdom and France on 20 September formally asked Czechoslovakia to cede its territory to Germany, which was followed by Polish territorial demands brought on 21 September and Hungarian on 22 September. Meanwhile, German forces conquered parts of Cheb District and Jeseník District and briefly overran, but were repelled from, dozens of other border counties. Poland also grouped its army units near its common border with Czechoslovakia and also instigated generally unsuccessful sabotage on 23 September.[2] Hungary also moved its troops towards the border with Czechoslovakia, without attacking. "

    I see two reminders these days. One more advanced than the other - but the evil spirits are the same.

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