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Low-risk anti-war efforts: a reminder (26/04/22 08:26:36)
    Those of us who are lucky enough to be outside of the focus area: there is little we can do as individuals. Even the cost of single or a few entry-level anti-tank weapons or artillery grenades are too much for private economies.

    We have seen these last two months criminal state behaviour way beyond the fantasy or belief of most people. Those of us who have read some history of the Soviet Union, and of the recent city destructions in Caucasus and Syria, may have predicted correctly - but even then it was impossible to really believe it would happen once more on the European continent.

    So the time for fussing or fighting about trifles must be over for a long time.

    The lowered availability of fertiliser will - I fear - lead to famine next year. Egypt seems to be in trouble. But not only.

    It is a reminder that the increased capacity for food production pioneered by Kristian Birkeland & Sam Eyde has been used up by population increase. All countries are now full - so emigration to escape from starvation is not an option any more.

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Low-risk anti-war efforts: a reminder