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Radioactive pollution after Tsjernobyl (26/04/22 15:35:47)
    April 26th 1986 me and family drove through the very cloud that caused the hotspot in Southern .no. Three of my colleagues have died of pancreatic cancer - but of course I know nothing about their 137Cs exposure. Anyway - recently Russian soldiers dug trenches in the red zone around Tsjernobyl, and some seem to have contracted radiation sickness.

    "The Author studied the correlation between the geographical map of mortality from pancreatic cancer (PC) and the map of nuclear plant accidents, atomic bomb testing, and radioactive fallout. The worldwide death rate of PC is increasing, but the exact cause is still not known. Published data in medical literature at World, European and Italian levels are reviewed and compared. 137-Cs, with a half-life of about 30 years, is still present in the environment for about 300-600 years. Autoradiographic studies in mice have shown that 137-Cs is concentrated in greater quantity in the pancreas, particularly in exocrine cells, where most malignant PCs originate. "


    So - nuclear energy in future? Some small-and-safe modular reactors? It might be a viable solution if Russia disarmed and reforged the mass murder nukes into reactor material.

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Radioactive pollution after Tsjernobyl