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Signs of in-fighting (01/05/22 11:00:43)
    According to a source Buryat soldiers and Kadyrov bandits have been shooting at each other. The Buryats were placed at the very front, contrary to promises, and the Kadyrovists were placed behind them to ensure that they did not shy away from getting killed by the Ukrainians.

    So - who are they?


    "Historically, the territories around Lake Baikal belonged to Mongolia


    The territory and people were formally annexed to the Russian state by treaties in 1689 and 1727, when the territories on both the sides of Lake Baikal were separated from Mongolia. Consolidation of modern Buryat tribes and groups took place under the conditions of the Russian state.

    The Buryats located in Siberia are still largely focused on raising livestock due to the shortness of the growing season. They focus on the raising of dairy cattle and the growing of berries to sustain most of their diet. There are also some communities that farm various types of trees and cash crops such as wheat and rye.[32] On the slopes of the Sayan and Altai Mountains, there are communities whose way of life is breeding reindeer.


    So - not Russian, and living in territory stolen by Russia. Colonialism at its worst.

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Signs of in-fighting