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The soldiers and the civilians (02/05/22 18:34:36)
    I cannot give a brief outline of the horrors of millions, or thousands, or single individuals. But they will leave their marks - physically and mentally.

    Post-traumatic stress disorder as a diagnosis was invented after the Vietnam war, but was, of course, noticeable after WWI and WWII too.

    WWII: "The dominant narrative at this time was relentlessly upbeat, she says. The heroes of World War Two were now building a prosperous post-war society. People who remarked upon the large numbers of marriages in the immediate post-war period tended not to mention the record number of divorces. The fact that veterans' hospitals were full of men with serious mental health problems went undiscussed. The movies of the 50s and 60s did not depict the reality of war.

    "People did not want to know what it was like," her father told her."


    A more literary and longitudinal historical account


    I don't think there is much that helps. Sleeping pills are addictive, bt may be the lesser evil, and much better than alcohol.

    And then there is love. But who will be able to sustain love towards people who may become predictably loud and violent? I think we must learn to swallow our aversion and love them nonetheless - if they were on our side.

    For a start. Vendettas bring eternal unhappiness.

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The soldiers and the civilians