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Re: Just a stirrup of an old debate  (29/06/22 15:27:29)
    interesting read.

    so is this https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/leibowitz-yeshayahu/

    read it carefully and slowly. maybe download it since plato server has many power outages.

    ill admit that this is not the jewish mainstream orthodox attitude, but in my mind i trace his philosophy to spinosa and maimonides and aristotle.

    i skipped a few and ignored a few along the way. true.

    this is linked to http://www.ebmb.de/http/mbs/board.php?sort=post&num=-1&thread=1639897408#1639897408

    and to another thread on maimonides i have yet to find.

    more later.

    my shoulder has received some steroids and a few other things and ill be able to type more soon. so watch out for my rants ;)

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Re: Just a stirrup of an old debate