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Manners and civilisation. (01/08/22 18:57:32)
    It is striking how leading persons or representatives of tyrannies/ dictatorships/ theocracies or other big-time criminal systems use threats and abusive language when challenged.

    I'd say: when they resort to such foul language, they convince me that they are lying criminals. We have lots of examples in Russian behaviour during the last century. But the Chinese too: the origin of the SARS-COV-2. The abusive language used by the Chinese authorities in responding to questions convince me that the virus was of laboratory origin. The other day I read that they allegedly found the virus in the sewer from one specific market area at the start of the spread of the virus, and thus allegedly disproving the lab hypothesis. I'd say: They have plenty of time to falsify evidence.

    ANyway: Just look at the words used, and it will be easy to distinguish between civilised human beings and animals lookinh like people, but just faking it.

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Manners and civilisation.