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Terminology and equivalence (07/08/22 18:24:12)
    I have seen comments labelling Nancy Pelosi as a warmonger because she visited Taiwan contrary to and in disregard of threats from the mainland police and surveillance state. According to the comments: It was only expectable and reasonable that Xi became angry and ordered missiles sent over her and blockade of marine traffic with massive shooting in nearby waters.

    Pelosi is not a warmonger. Giving her such a label is equivalent to blaming a rape victim because she wore a short skirt, or high heels or a low-neck top - one or more of these. Or because she was out alone and drank alcohol. Or walked home in a dark alley. Or took a pirate taxi.

    People in the know say that rape usually isn't about sex. It is about power.
    INdusing fear in others, by military or sexual assault: It is sadism.

    So I have found one more label for Xi and his gangs.

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Terminology and equivalence