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Naval exercise in Taiwan's coastal waters (09/08/22 07:05:20)
    To me it looks like a blockade. Cyberattacks. Missiles. Large number of warships with daily use of artillery in all shipping routes and outside of harbours.

    My bet is that it will go on indefinitely, with a goal of starving Taiwan's economy. If such a blockade is to be broken, it can only be by massive presence of US Navy - with the associated dangers.

    This will be Xi's way of diverting the Chinese people's attention from his own crimes - Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet - and his own failures: the housing bubble, the huge unpayable debts, and the zero-Covid strategy fuelled by ineffective old-fashioned vaccines.

    We need to be aware: All criticism of Taiwan, Europe and USA is sourced from the chinese communist party or affiliates, just as all criticism of Ukraine, Europe and USA is sourced from the russian lie factories.

    Not one single word of truth will appear - any elements of truth will all be twisted perversely.

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Naval exercise in Taiwan's coastal waters