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Right and wrong (09/08/22 09:37:01)
    These terms have been vilified for many years in the mainstream media and among intellectuals. I admit that I too am skeptical of the terms because of their absoluteness. (It is easy to attribute those terms to the utterances of religious purists and others who have undergone brainwashing - in politics, business or science. So the terms need a statistical refurbishment. )

    This skepticism has been abused by the enemy to make people believe that because something is not 100 percent good (but only 75-95% good), then it is equivalent to something being only 0.5% good, or even 100 percent evil. I don't need to give recent examples.

    So, when using these terms, there are unspoken percentages. Shades of grey. It's like printing: If you look at a print with a microscope (x50-100 will probably be sufficent), you will see that there is not complete coverage, even with massive black - when seen with the naked eye.

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Right and wrong