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Cooling and fusion and beyond (23/08/22 07:46:57)
    To me it is an entirely new aspect of the climate change: Cooling of nuclear power stations. France seems to have troubl
    The trouble is, of course, that atomic and fossil energy generate electricity via heat. This is alossy process where the lost energy is removed by cooling.

    From this perspective fusion energy looks like a black hole: it swallows whatever you offer itof money but can never deliver it back in a constructive way.

    I'd say: Cancel fusion and put a great effort into developing high-efficiency omnivorous fuel cells with cheap and widely available electrode materials. AFAIK only hydrogen is presently usable as a fuel cell fuel. Even methanol fuel cells are beyond reach because byproducts (mainly carbon monoxide) are poisoning the catalyst.

    Ethanol fuel cells? Methane fuel cells? Nope.

    There is a lot of scientific work to be done. There are lots of people now soldiers or on the dole with the right qualifications. Billionaires are needed too.

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Cooling and fusion and beyond