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Sustainability- perhaps not (25/08/22 19:54:31)

    This river AFAICU provides 400 million people with water for consumption, industrial purposes, hydroelectricity and irrigation. Biodiversity loses. How could it be otherwise?

    And now there is drought.

    "The southwestern province of Sichuan, enduring the region’s worst drought since the 1960s, is by far the hardest hit given its high dependence on hydropower. While dam generation plunged by half in the region, a grueling heatwave has sent electricity demand surging by about a quarter. That’s added pressure on an energy network that serves a population about the size of Germany and supplies to industrial hubs that are home to factories of suppliers to Tesla.

    The country also has the world’s largest fleet of solar panels and wind turbines, and is super-charging investment in renewables as it tries to reduce reliance on imported fuel. Chinese firms invested $98 billion in clean energy in the first half of 2022, more than double the amount in the same period in 2021."
    "Companies including Toyota and CATL have already closed plants in the region for several days. Top polysilicon maker Tongwei Co. said its plant has been affected, further tightening the market for the material key to building solar panels."

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Sustainability- perhaps not