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Re: Cooling and fusion and beyond (30/08/22 07:25:25)
    "lossy" process, i agree.
    of course, there is no free lunch, or in other words...
    "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" - J. Wellington Wimpy.

    as for fusion, i dont have high hopes for it.
    sounds great in theory, and we should probably continue studying it, but it doesnt strike me as practical. but who knows...
    somewhere deep in the back of my juvenile brain i still dream of cold fusion ;)

    "There is a lot of scientific work to be done. There are lots of people now soldiers or on the dole with the right qualifications. Billionaires are needed too."

    indeed. i would specify, especially chemists.

    on a tangent, energy storage. it was supposed to be my no 3 for have above (but have has left the building)
    seems to me that all storage methods are either inefficient batteries or middle ages type of storage ( pumped storage hydroelectricity (sounds like sisyphus to me) or thermal energy storage)
    besides, all these have severe limitations. especially geographical ones.

    we are in the 21st century. i want something safe, small and portable.

    i encountered "iron air battery" some time ago and i have seen a few startups are doing something with it, but quite frankly i dont know what to make of it.


    oh and...


    sounds perfect for my wifes pacemaker... well, i can dream cant i? ;)
    last ref in wikipedia is from 2015 so i guess it wont hit the market just yet... damn you Wimpy.


    your post above was very interesting.
    you seem to have been reading more than me on the subject.
    thank you.

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Re: Cooling and fusion and beyond