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Michail Gorbachev - long live his legacy (31/08/22 17:09:14)

    He was a true progressive who managed to do the right things (and some bad ones) in spite of being surrounded by a criminal political system.

    He underestimated the power of corruption,so his reforms were inadequately condolidated (if at all) and compromised by the overwhelming presence of corruption and crime in the ruling class,the mafia, most commonly known as the communist party. Those people grabbed all the money - and political and military power can be bought.

    It is a lesson to be remembered.

    Building democracy top-down is like lighting a candle. It's easy to see. A little wind, and it's out.

    The Norwegian democracy started as layman Christianity. Preaching was a state monopoly in Denmark (Norway was a Danish colony for 400 years), andpeople were forbidden to assemble except in churches,where they were under control. The lay Christians managed to erode that monopoly -and could build a popular movement bottom-up.

    We can hope that our Ukrainian sisters and brothers - with the help of their own stamina andexternalweapons -manage to build areal democracy. They certainly deserve it. So I vote for two new statues in Kyiv in a central square: Gorbachev and Zelensky. Putin could be the target in a public urinal.

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Michail Gorbachev - long live his legacy