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The crumbling of GULag (04/09/22 10:26:14)
    I think it is time to refresh-reading the GULag book by Solzhenitsyn. For much of the duration of the slave camp system the non-criminal inmates were bullied by criminal inmates and criminal and corrupt guards.

    After WWII former prisoners-of-war who had been in contact with foreigners were mass-deported into the camps.

    These men were toughened through extreme hardships during the battle years and were not going to take bullying easily. There were rebellions. Guards were killed in unprecedented numbers. Finally Stalin's violence was met with determined and systematic counterviolence. So the GULag system became unsustainable and crumbled.

    British intelligence reports from the Russian side of the front lines in Ukraine tell us about soldiers whose wages are stolen by officers, of protests and desertions. Recruitment of new soldiers from prisons, poverty-stricken rural areas and pensioners is no winning strategy - and recruitment from the educated or educatable classes will not succeed because those people know what to expect. General mobilisation: If Putin tries that, there will be revolution within a few weeks.

    SO I don't think Ukraine needs to attack massively to win back territory. It is enough to go for winning time and letting the Russian army and Russian power system rot from within. Russia is lethally corrupt, and most Russians know it.

    The first thing to do when the putinist society collapses is arresting all of media, all military with grades (take them from the top and gradually), all oligarchs, all politicians -and put up screening tribunals to releasethe least tainted ones on condition that they agree to doing useful work to rehabilitate themselves.

    And then the preparation for split of Russia must start - in parallel.

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The crumbling of GULag