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But (05/09/22 06:48:08)
    A link in the article above


    The author seems to believe in a top-down approach, narrowly focussing on the financial sector.

    It will not be enough; it will not be adequate. People will need jobs; people will need earnings; people will need food and transportation and education and healthcare. All interrelated matters will have to be dealt with roughly at the same time. For that lots of good brains need to work and coordinate. It can only be done by democracy-like systems (how do I know? Because dictatotorial systems always fail owing to self-interest (or corruption, which ismy preferred term). So already-educated people will need to put self-interest aside and join a larger community of workers with knowledge, experience, connectedness, creativeness and money.

    The money must come first. Find a sponsor, an angel investor, who does it for the fun of it and does not expect return of investment.

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