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Dictatorshipbuilding (10/09/22 10:49:33)
    Some 30 years ago I started a personal study project with the goal of getting to understand how the Soviet Union was possible, backgrounded by Solzhenitsyn's Archipelag GULag. So I bought books and read. My conclusion was that it was made possible by unlimited use of violence. The money bit of it I took as incidental.

    Many years later I read Dictator's Handbook and was made aware that money was essential for the establishment of a dictatorship and a motivator and mediator for maintaining it.

    So far it was a matter of scientific facts. True enough - I have read David Irving's biography of Josef Goebbels, so I was not unaware of the role of propaganda - that it the use of lies to manipulate public opinion andgain support for major criminal activities.

    Now, with the genocidal robber campaign of Vladimir Putin I finally am able to identify three essential elements in building a dictatorship:

    First the lies. All the time the lies.
    Then the theft - nationscale or worldwide if necessary and/or possible, all the time.
    And then, depending on the level of resistance encountered, the pointed single-target murders and when necessary massive-scale murders, either directly by order, or indirectly, by letting crimes go unpunished.

    Not all dictatorships reach that end stage. Russia has.

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