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Dictatorshipdismantling (10/09/22 12:11:13)
    Heroic Ukrainians have turned the general marching direction of the Russian invasion force.We read about defectors in the battlefield, changing to civilian clothes and making off in stolen cars or bicycles. Elsewhere in Russia opportunist politicians are now turning against Putin. Military pro-Russian bloggers admit losses of material and land.

    So the rats are leaving the sinking ship. Slowly and almost invisibly the support of the born-again Stalin is dwindling.

    Meanwhile, on another continent, republican politicians are wooing their electorate with self-praise for securing federal money for local projects - in a package that they themselves voted against.

    This, too, is "rats leaving the sinking ship".

    In medicine we have a term "phtisis" (Latin, from Greek, from phthinein to waste away; (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/phthisis)). (It's the first time I see this medical term used politically .-) ). That's in my new opinion a better term than dismantling. Dismantling of the remains come later and needs to be seen togetherwith reconstruction or neoconstruction).

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