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Fission and reconstruction (12/09/22 07:50:41)
    The Russian Federation will not fall apart all by herself: she will need help. All the necessary actions must be initiated in a sequence fit-for-purpose. It willbe counterproductive and possibly catastrophic if too many changes are imposed at the same time. Rapid changes always elicit resistance. The toad must be brought to a slow warmup. But all the putinists must be cleared away: there is no way they can be trusted. The first place to look could be political prisoners, exile Russians and people with Berufsverbot under the current regime.

    Then there must be a police force. The old putinpolice must be replaced with people who are able and willing to use force against putinists. There must be a rapid replacement of putinist laws with amodern democratic law system.There must be a free press, so the state monopolies must be dismantled. There must be a system of judges who can give rapid and mostly fair judgement of the putinlackeys. There must be a system of leniency, permitting people to renew their lives and rehabilitate themselves - but only on a five-to-fifteen year probation.

    Oligarch property must be split up. The previous model failed miserably by giving small shares to too many people who did not understandtheir value. Sodisseminated community ownershipmight be a better idea.

    For a start.

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Fission and reconstruction