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Re: Fission and reconstruction (14/09/22 06:54:39)
    An analogy: When bacteria grow and multiply there is concerted buildup of cellular contents and cell wall materials -monomers that will be polymerised into a protein-carbohydrate copolymer. Some bacteria elongate, and then split into two new bacteria in the middle of the elongated and enlarged organism, The bacterium grows when there is an impulse for growth in the medium.
    Enter a beta lactam antibiotic, for example penicillin or meropenem or whatever. If the bacterium is sensitive, the antibiotic will hinder polymerisation by inactivating the enzyme(s) responsible. Because of defective cell wall development the bacterium cannot resist osmotic forces, bursts and dies.

    In essence: The bacterium cannot resolve the conflict between a strong growth impulse and the antibiotic-induced deficiency in cell wall building. It has a signal for attack, but is deprived of defense andcannot reconstruct.

    The aminoglycoside antibiotics act by interfering with protein synthesis in a way that gives a defective proteinof no use to the bacterium. Under normal circumstances defective proteins are broken down, and the amino acid are reutilised. But the production of defective material overwhelms the recycling machinery to a degree thatis unsustainable. So the bacterium dies.

    Antibiotic mechanisms - there are some more (but I am not in the mood for a long essay). My message is that the understanding of society and warfare could learn a good deal from studies of the mechanisms of antibiotics, and the resistance mechanisms against antibiotics.

    Putin attacked the western societies by sponsoring chaos generators - supplying societies with quarrels about emotionally loaded topics, spiced up with systematic distortions and lies.

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Re: Fission and reconstruction