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Fission (14/09/22 12:08:56)
    A possible starting point for a fission could be looking for fissures. Let me start simply: If I were to split Norway, I would spend some time mapping who hate each other. For example: Bergen hates Oslo. Stavanger hates Bergen.Bergen and Trondheim hate each other. Tromsø - well, there are too many immigrants from southern Norway there, so difficult. But in Finnmark they hate the southernes. I don't know the exact line, but it is rather far north. But: My parents were from Bergen; I was born somewhere in the north, and I am married to a woman from Oslo and live in Oslo. So the hate is rather shallow and more of a joke as long as there isn't a Putin breathing to the fire.

    So Russia: The first thing would be changing the constitution to enabling and permitting separatism. Then wait for ten years and watch.

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