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Cleaning up the act: strategic bombing (civilian targets) (18/09/22 07:27:48)
    Russia, the terrorist state,isnow targeting Ukrainian infrastructure: dams,power stations, population centres of no military significance. It seems that the cowardly russians are too weak andhave too weak equipment to be able to offer military resistance. It is the big bully targeting the smallest boy in the street.

    It has precedents.


    I have a more personal relation to this event


    It may be that bombing of cities diverted resources from targets of military importance and thus contributed to prolonging the war and to giving Stalin more time for progression into eastern Europe.

    When the war is over, I suggest that Ukraine raise amonument of shame in remembrance of the disgusting Jalta agreement. Stalin lied.

    "Following Yalta, Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov expressed worry that the Yalta Agreement's wording might impede Stalin's plans, Stalin responded, "Never mind. We'll do it our own way later."[26] The Soviet Union had already annexed several occupied countries as (or into) Soviet Socialist Republics,[32][33][34] and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe were occupied and converted into Soviet-controlled satellite states, such as the People's Republic of Poland, the People's Republic of Hungary,[35] the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic,[36] the People's Republic of Romania, the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the People's Republic of Albania,[37] and later East Germany from the Soviet zone of German occupation.[38] Eventually, the United States and the United Kingdom made concessions in recognizing the communist-dominated regions by sacrificing the substance of the Yalta Declaration although it remained in form."


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Cleaning up the act: strategic bombing (civilian targets)