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Lessons from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (18/09/22 09:16:04)
    Introduction: Putin cannot have read the Wikipedia article


    about the defeat of Brezhnev's Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

    "The war caused grave destruction in Afghanistan, and it has also been cited by scholars as a contributing factor to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War."

    Nether has the other side,who did not really take notice of the criminal nature of the puppet regime.

    "The repressive nature of the "Democratic Republic",[60] which vigorously suppressed opposition and executed thousands of political prisoners, led to the rise of anti-government armed groups; by April 1979, large parts of the country were in open rebellion."

    "The Soviets used their air power to deal harshly with both rebels and civilians, levelling villages to deny safe haven to the Mujahideen, destroying vital irrigation ditches, and laying millions of land mines."

    Near the end of the 1970s I read that the soviet invasion started with a command aircraft landing on a Kabul airport, directing airborne occupation forces. It seems to me that the attack on Antonov airport at the start of the invasion of Ukraine


    tried to follow up that success.

    But the Ukrainians had been warned, so the Russians were defeated.

    To conclude: My hypothesis is that Putin only read the first chapters about the soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The pattern is similar IMHO. The Afghanistan defeat led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. May the defeat in Ukraine lead to thedissolution and nuclear disarmament of Russia.

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Lessons from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan