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Dictatorshipmaintenance-termination (21/09/22 06:50:42)
    Lies, theft and murder are means for establishing power and keeping it - mainly locally. A longer-range tool is extortion - like the threat of using nuclear weapons in Europe. Typically, Putin, just like Stalin, accuses the other side of the misdeeds he himself practices regularly.

    I have no doubt that he will try to do it. I have no doubt that public opinion in Russia will look the other way. There will be new GULags for the minority that keeps on protesting.

    In civilian life the threat of extortion would lead to calling the police. There is every reason to do the same here. Letting Putin have his way will on the long term be a lot worse than the - sacrifices suffered by the huge number of victims of Putin's nukes.

    The need to splitting and disarming Russia is greater than ever.

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